Elaine Spaan is the mystery-loving, sweet-talking alter ego of romantic comedy writer D.E. Haggerty. She’s addicted to BBC murder mysteries and is currently obsessed with Scandinavian mystery shows. She sees intrigue around every corner and is quick with a story when caught staring at a stranger she’s convinced herself is hiding a secret. Her mysteries always include laughter and love because what’s life without someone to share a laugh with?

What’s my latest project, you ask? How the Wall Crumbles, the sixth book in the Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives series, is out now!

Murder or accident? When a wall at a construction site falls and kills one of the workers, the gray-haired knitters are convinced murder is afoot. After the police discover the wall didn’t crumble like a cookie, the knitters jump at the chance to find the killer. It doesn’t matter that no one has a clue why the victim was murdered, they haven’t failed to solve a mystery yet. They’re not starting now. 

Grab a copy now for just 99 cents!