Hide Not Seek

Book 3 of the Not So Reluctant Detective Series

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Who is Prudence Weber?

No one can know Pru’s true identity. It’s entirely too dangerous. But with a woman dead and all fingers pointing at her, she may have no choice but to tell the police about her past.

When Pru’s revelations thwart the murderer’s plan, he starts stalking her. With he each note, he gets closer and closer. Pru is ready to run.

Ajax has found the woman of his dreams in Pru, and he’s not letting her go anywhere. He can be patient. In the meantime, he’ll protect her with his life.

Once Pru’s girlfriends learn she’s being stalked by a murderer, they jump headfirst into the investigation. And they’re dragging Pru along with them. She can protest all she wants. It won’t make a bit of difference.

Will Pru and her friends uncover her stalker before he turns his violence on Pru?

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“A fast paced, complex murder mystery with suspense, chills plus plenty of twists and turns.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“mighty twisty amateur investigations” ~ Mallory Heart’s Cozies

“a twisty whodunnit. The mystery kept me guessing until the end.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer