Hold the Coffee

Book 5 of the Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives

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There’s no way that fire was an accident!

Oh boy, the gray-haired knitters are at it again. Of course, they are. It’s been way too long since they ‘solved’ a mystery. But the investigator determined the fire at the craft store was caused by an unattended lit cigarette. Arson isn’t even a remote possibility. Except the owner Bernadette didn’t smoke and now she’s dead.

When Bernadette’s granddaughter asks me to look into the matter, the knitters practically cheer. They are on the case!

But is there even a case? Or are we seeing murder and arson where there’s merely smoke?  

~ What Readers are Saying ~

“This is such a cute murder mystery! Short and full of laughs” ~ StarAngel’s Reviews

“hilarious… I laughed so hard” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“a cute quick read . The knitting ladies are fun and the mystery keeps you interested throughout” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“a wildly hilarious gun cozy mystery. Who knew that solving a crime was so much fun? I laughed out loud throughout the book. This is such a wonderful cozy with quirky characters. I loved this book” ~ Goodreads Reviewer